Skill Based Golf Instruction

You Don’t Have To Fear Golf Lessons

That may sound like an odd statement but I have actually been told by a few golfers that one reason they have never taken a golf lesson is because even though they know they have room for improvement they don’t want to risk messing up what they already have.

Philosophy – Golf Is A Game of Skill

Like every other athletic endeavor the full golf swing is a complex skill that is made up of a number of smaller component skills. The path to improvement relies on evaluating a student’s current skill level in each of these component skills and determining where there are deficiencies and deciding on which skill is the most important one to work on.  There is no real mystery to the golf swing, it has pretty much been figured out, generally what is holding students back is that the current popular model of how golf is taught is broken, it does not work.  Skill Based instruction differs significantly from a “method” approach which is more of a one size fits all philosophy, where the emphasis is on achieving “positions” or “looks” in a golf swing, neglecting skill building.