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901, 2021

Know Your Distances

Know Your Distances! Finding out your distances used to be a difficult task.  Golfers will have a general idea how far they hit each club through their experiences on the golf course but unfortunately these estimated distances were unreliable and .... I'm going to hurt a few people here ... often overstated. In a previous article I wrote about a study that shows that the majority of golfer's approach [...]

909, 2020

How Far Do You Hit The Golf Ball?

Do You Need To Go With One More Club? The picture below speaks volumes.  The image shows the dispersion of shots from 160 yards for the Average Male Amateur (AMA) golfer.  For definition purposes the AMA is described as a player with a handicap of 14 or 15, there is no age range for this player.  The dispersion chart was created by Trackman from information taken from over 10,000 golfers [...]

1803, 2020

You May Not Be As Far Away From A Good Golf Swing As You Think

What Makes A Golf Swing "Good"? Unfortunately it is not uncommon for a golfer to show up for a lesson and tell me that they want to start all over from the beginning.  This player has become so frustrated with the state of their golf game that they feel the best approach is to pack it all in and start from scratch.  Golfers don't get to this point quickly, [...]

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