Project Description

Junior Private Lesson Program- (8 to 14 yrs old)

Four 30 Minute Sessions – $125

Private sessions are ideal as a stand alone lesson choice or as a complement to one of our group sessions, for the junior golfer who may be looking for or is in need of a bit more 1 on 1 attention.  Private Sessions can be a benefit for juniors at either ends of experience level.  For the beginning player the extra 1 on 1 can provide them with the boost they need to feel a bit more comfortable and confident when they are involved in a group program.   And for the more experienced or competitive player the 1 on 1 can provide additional time to focus on specific aspects of instruction that are geared to more advanced play.

Junior Golf Lessons
  • A good option for both beginner and experienced Junior Golfers
  • Beginning Juniors are introduced to the fundamentals of the golf swing and develop a solid foundation
  • Experienced Juniors will continue their development of golf’s key skills, building on their technique and style

Program Cost $125

Program Consists of 4 Private Lessons (30 min each)
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Winter Private Lessons

Available November to March
  • Fairways Golf Centre on Fanshawe Park Rd West
  • Outdoor Private Lessons

    Available April through October.
  • Fairways Golf Centre and Bob's Golf Centre on Wonderland Rd S