2024 Indoor Peak Performance Classes - Coming Soon!

Peak Performance Classes –

So Much More Than Just A Golf Lesson

I am very excited to be able to offer these specialized small Group Coaching Classes again this golf season.   As a dedicated golf instructor I have unfortunately seen for many years how the typical structure of golf lessons have for the most part been failing students or at the very least not providing golfers with the best environment and resources to reach their full potential.

With Peak Performance Classes we are shifting the approach golfers take to improve their golf games, moving from continuous chasing of technique fixes to more successful and rewarding skill building.  Each Peak Performance Class is delivered with a focus on clarifying concepts, skill development, coaching and training.  Through the incorporation of industry leading technology, Foresight GC3 and GC Quad Launch Monitors, and video students are provided with clear and appropriate feedback as they practice and improve, which is a key component in the learning process.  The small group sizes allow for personalized one on one attention within a group setting.

The Peak Performance Classes provide students with the ultimate environment in which to reach and surpass the goals that each student has set for their game.

  • 60 Minute Training Sessions
  • Target Golf’s Most Important Skills (solid contact, directional control, distance)
  • Variety Of Class Topics To Choose From (Driver, Irons, Short Game, Ladies Only)
  • Opportunity to Build and Develop Skill through Repetitions and Self Discovery with Feedback
  • Small Group Size Allows for Individual Attention Within a Group Setting
  • Clear Benchmarks and Assessment Tools
  • Learn Effective and Efficient Practice Habits
  • Transfer Training – How to Bring it to the Golf Course
  • Challenge Games
  • Maximum of 6 Students Per Class (Summer/Outdoors)

Cost:  $30 per class or access to 4 classes a month for $99

Individual Class

$3000per class
  • 60-minute session


$9900per month
  • Access to 4 classes per month

Peak Performance Class Options:

Simply select a Peak Performance Class you would like to attend from the options below.  Click on the “Book A Class” button below and select a class day and time that fits your schedule to secure your spot.

Peak Performance – Driver

Peak Performance Classes

Peak Performance – Driver

Cut through the confusion and get to work on what really matters when it comes to driving the golf ball better. During these structured practice sessions we will work on improving Centre Strikes for longer drives, Club-Path and Club-Face relationship for straighter shots using clear and factual data feedback provided by industry leading GC3 Launch Monitor technology.

Peak Performance – Irons

Peak Performance Class

Peak Performance – Irons

Hit your irons solid by reducing “chunks”, “topped and thin” shots. Focus on the skills required for Solid Contact. During these 60-minute structured practice sessions we will work on improving Low Point control and Club-Path/Club-Face relationship to have you hitting more solid and straighter shots into the green.  Data feedback provided by GC3 Launch Monitors.

Peak Performance – Ladies Only

Peak Performance Class

Peak Performance – Ladies 

This 60-minute session is for Ladies Only.  Focus of this class is to build golf’s most important 3 skills and to gain confidence and enjoyment on the golf course.  Each class we will work on irons and drivers to help eliminate confusion and frustration while teaching you how to be your own best coach through self-detection of errors and self-correction.

Peak Performance – Short Game

Short Game

Peak Performance – Short Game 

This 60-minute session is focused on the Short Game, Pitching, Chipping, Putting and Specialty Shots around the green. As we near the green there is a great opportunity to shave strokes off of our scores by sharpening up our Pitching, Chipping and Putting skills.