Project Description

Our Peak Performance Classes Will Resume Monday May 24th !

Peak Performance Classes are Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Peak Performance Coaching Programs

So Much More Than Just A Golf Lesson

I am very excited to once again be able to offer this specialized small Group Coaching Program this Indoor Winter Season.  As a dedicated golf instructor I have unfortunately seen for many years how golf lessons have for the most part been failing students or at the very least not providing them with the best environment and resources to have them reach their full potential.

With my Peak Performance Program we are shifting the approach golfers take to improve their golf games.  Each Peak Performance Class is fully coached with a focus on clarifying concepts, skill development, coaching and training.  Through the incorporation of industry leading technology (Foresight GC Quad Launch Monitor) and training aids students are provided with clear and appropriate feedback as they practice and improve, which is a key component in the learning process. The small group sizes allow for personalized one on one attention within a group setting.

The Peak Performance Program provides students with the ultimate environment in which to reach and surpass the goals that each student has set for their game.

  • 60 Minute Training Sessions
  • Target Golf’s Most Important Skills (solid contact, directional control, distance)
  • Develop all Areas of Your Game (driving, full swing, approach shots, short game and putting)
  • Opportunity to Build and Develop Skill through Repetitions and Self Discovery with Feedback
  • Small Group Size Allows for Individual Attention Within a Group Setting
  • Clear Benchmarks and Assessment Tools
  • Learn Effective and Efficient Practice Habits
  • Transfer Training – How to Bring it to the Golf Course
  • Video Swing Analysis
  • Challenge Games and Scrimmages
  • Exclusive Access to Online Lesson Review Resources and Drill Videos
  • Maximum of 3 Students Per Session

Unlimited Membership Options

 – Monthly Membership pricing includes access to Unlimited Peak Performance Classes along with your initial Private Skill/Swing Evaluation plus Private Re-Evaluation session at the end of every 3 Months.

3 Months

  • 3 Months Unlimited Classes
  • Initial + Follow Up Evaluation

6 Months

  • 6 Months Unlimited Classes
  • Initial + 2 Follow Up Evaluations

12 Months

  • 1 Year Unlimited Classes
  • Initial + 4 Follow Up Evaluations

Class Package Option

5 Class Pack

  • Access to 5 Peak Performance Classes

10 Class Pack

  • Access to 10 Peak Performance Classes

Add in Open Practice

Special Open Practice Pricing for Peak Performance Students
These “Open” hours provide students with an opportunity to enhance their program and speed up their skill acquisition by getting in some extra practice on their own.

Individual Open Practice


5 Open Practice Sessions


10 Open Practice Sessions


Students who register in the Peak Performance Program will also receive a Private 60 Minute Skill and Swing Evaluation Session at the start of their Peak Performance Training Program followed by a Private Re-Evaluation Session every 3 Months.

Peak Performance Registration

Please complete and submit the short form below to register for our Peak Performance Program.  Once the form has been submitted you will receive an email confirming your registration.

The auto-reply email that you will receive following submitting your registration form will provide you with information on the next step which is to book your Private Peak Performance Evaluation Session.

Thank you.  Please contact me with any questions.

Which Program Are You Interested In?
Thank you for completing the Registration Form for our Peak Performance Program. Please watch your inbox for an email providing you with details on how to get started.

The first step will be to book your Peak Performance Skill Evaluation Session. You can do that at anytime through the Canadian Fade Golf Academy website ( On the homepage you will see a "Book Online" button. Click on that button to be taken to our Online Reservation System. Select "Peak Performance Skill Evaluation" under lesson type and then simply select a day and time that fits your schedule.

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To secure your spot in your selected class please click on the button below that will take you to our Peak Performance Class reservation system.

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If you are interested in joining in on the Peak Performance Program please click on the Register tab in the top left of this page and complete the short registration form.  The next step is to book your initial Private Evaluation Session.  Please book this session through our online reservation system selecting the earliest day and time that is convenient for you.  Following our 1 on 1 session you will be all set to begin attending the Peak Performance Classes.