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Availability Of Our Private Lesson Programs For 2022 Are Currently Limited

With the limited availability for Private Lessons this is the perfect opportunity to explore our Small Group Clinic Options.   Our On Ramp Skills Clinic is specifically designed for recreational players who have become frustrated and confused with their golf games and are looking for help with getting things back on track.

These 90-Minute Small Group Clinics will have students leaving with a greater understanding of their golf swing and what needs to be prioritized to help them increase their enjoyment when on the course.

Topics Covered During Each Clinic

  • Contact Problems (chunking, topping)
  • Direction Issues (slicing or hooking shots)
  • Distance (lacking distance or loosing distance)
  • Technique (not sure what you should be doing)
  • Shanking (we’ll put a quick end to this)
  • Practice Questions (you’ll learn how to practice effectively)

If you are familiar with any of the above issues then the On Ramp Clinic is for you.

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Are You Frustrated And Confused With Your Golf Game?

Our 2022 Private Lesson Programs Are Currently Limited

Start With A Swing Evaluation Session!  The First Step On Your Path To A Better Golf Game

60 Minute Private Lesson – $85

Starting out all new students with a Private Swing Evaluation Session is the best way to achieve a proper assessment of their current technique, skill and understanding of concepts.   The insight obtained through the Swing Evaluation allows us to make better informed decisions when tailoring an improvement program that is based on a factual assessment of where you currently are coupled with  your long and short term golf goals.

Private Golf Lessons London Ontario

Students are not pigeon holed into the “latest and greatest swing model”, Skill Based instruction allows students to maintain their own unique style while becoming more skillful and in turn better golfers.