Registration For Spring 2022 Clinics Now Open!

On Ramp Skills Classes run from late April through to September.

“On Ramp” is a 90-Minute Small Group Skills Clinic that will introduce students to “Skill Based” training.

What does this mean? Well, golf is a skill based game and for recreational players there are 3 very important skills that you must be aware of in order to practice and perform to the best of your potential. Over the course of 90-minutes students will be given a clear understanding of these key skills and learn how to measure their current ability level and then move on to how to practice effectively and efficiently in order to turbo boost improvement.

Golf Skills Clinic

What is taught and covered during “On Ramp”?

If you suffer from any or all of these common golf issues, On Ramp is perfect for you.

  • Contact Problems (chunking, topping)
  • Direction Issues (slicing or hooking shots)
  • Distance (lacking distance or loosing distance)
  • Technique (not sure what you should be doing)
  • Shanking (we’ll put a quick end to this)
  • Practice Questions (you’ll learn how to practice effectively)

If you have any of these goals for your golf game, On Ramp is perfect for you.

  • Shoot lower scores
  • Hit more solid golf shots
  • Hit the ball farther
  • Hit the ball straighter
  • Increase your enjoyment
  • Remove confusion
  • Lower frustration

The On Ramp Skills Clinic covers golf’s Big 3 Skills and teaches students key concepts, it also serves as a great introduction to our Peak Performance Program.

*On Ramp Skill Clinics Get Started Mid April, 2022*
(90-Minute Small Group Clinic – $50 Per Student – 4 Student Max)

Click on the “Register” button beside your preferred date to be taken to our online Registration Form.

2022 Current Dates:  (More Dates Coming Soon)

Date Time Location Register
Friday June 17th 10:30am to 120pm Fairways Golf Centre Fully Booked
Friday July 1st 12pm to 1:30pm Fairways Golf Centre Fully Booked
Thursday July 7th 6pm to 7:30pm Fairways Golf Centre Fully Booked
Wednesday July 27th 10:30am to 12pm Fairways Golf Centre Fully Booked
Wednesday, August 3rd 11am to 12:30pm Fairways Golf Centre Click Here To Register
Wednesday, August 17th 10:30am to 12pm Fairways Golf Centre Click Here To Register

If you are still not really clear on what the On Ramp Skills Clinic is all about please feel free to contact me directly with any questions. If you are curious to know what this is all about I invite you to come out and experience this better way of learning and experiencing golf instruction. I’ll guarantee you it will be the best $50 you will ever spend on a golf lesson.